#RPGaDAY Round Up

A big hand to everyone who participated in the first #RPGaDAY blogathon, and to Dave Chapman for coming up with and promulgating the idea.

#RPGaDAY represents the single most sustained run of writing and posting I’ve ever pulled off. My regular schedule for Held Action runs Monday, Wednesday, Friday, which makes it easy to queue up posts. So while I could apply the same workflow to #RPGaDAY, the volume was more demanding. The usual stream of posts wound up taking a backseat to the #RPGaDAY topics about halfway through the month when my buffer ran low. Still, I was satisfied in meeting the challenge. And I even helped spur my friend Geoff to take blogging back up for the month, so that’s very cool, too.

To sum up the month’s writing, I’ve collected all my #RPGaDAY posts here for your delectation. If you missed a day, you’ll find it below. And for at least one topic, I have to go back and add an honorable mention that really deserves to be the pride of first place.

Here’s to the second annual #RPGaDAY next August!#RPGaDAY prompts.

  1. First RPG Played
  2. First RPG Gamemastered
  3. First RPG Purchased
  4. Most Recent RPG Purchase
  5. Most Old School RPG Owned
  6. Favorite RPG Never Get to Play
  7. Most “Intellectual” RPG Owned
  8. Favorite Character
  9. Favorite Die / Dice Set
  10. Favorite Tie-in Novel / Game Fiction
  11. Weirdest RPG Owned
  12. Old RPG you Still Play / Read
  13. Most Memorable Character Death
  14. Best Convention Purchase
  15. Favorite Convention Game
  16. Game You Wish You Owned
  17. Funniest Game You’ve Played
  18. Favorite Game System
  19. Favorite Published Adventure
  20. Will Still Play in 20 Years’ Time…
  21. Favorite Licensed RPG
  22. Best Secondhand RPG Purchase
  23. Coolest Looking RPG Product / Book
  24. Most Complicated RPG Owned
  25. Favorite RPG No One Else Wants to Play
  26. Coolest Character Sheet
  27. Game You’d Like to See a New / Improved Edition of…
  28. Scariest Game You’ve Played
  29. Most Memorable Encounter
  30. Rarest RPG Owned
  31. Favorite RPG of All Time

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