#RPGaDAY 23: Coolest Looking RPG Product/Book

#RPGaDAY prompts.

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Night's Black Agents cover. A vampire poses exultant in the background, while an agent appears in the crosshairs of a firearm in the foreground.Night’s Black Agents gets the nod for coolest looking role-playing book. Nobilis‘ second edition is the stately white palace of role-playing books, but it’s not in my library anymore, so I’m putting Night’s Black Agents forth.

I wish there were more pages in the preview PDF on DriveThruRPG to demonstrate why this game deserves title of coolest looking book, because the interior is where it shines. The layout is minimalist, almost austere. Sleek sans serif fonts head up sections of text. Chapters are color-coded, to aid in flipping through the book looking for your favorite firearm’s details. Sidebars and inset text use iconography to help the reader figure out which options are relevant to the vampires with which they’re working. Are your vampires extraterrestrial in nature? Check out the items bulleted with the big-eyed grey alien. Is your campaign running in the gritty, low-power Dust mode? Look for that little heap of ashes that might have once been your character.

Night’s Black Agents is one of the coolest looking books I own because half the time, you never notice how cool it is. You’re too busy finding the information you want.

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