#RPGaDAY 20: Will Still Play in 20 Years Time

#RPGaDAY prompts.

The #RPGaDAY prompt was concocted by Dave Chapman of Autocratik. Grab the list and join in!

Carrion Crown: The Haunting of Harrowstone coverThis is a no-brainer. In the circles in which I currently move, the game we’ll still be playing in 20 years is Pathfinder, if only because Paizo pumps out campaigns far faster than we can play through them. Carrion Crown took two-plus years meeting almost every week. At every other week with the occasional side diversion, Mummy’s Mask could easily take double that to play out. If Paizo stopped publishing adventure paths with the end of Iron Gods, that would leave thirteen for me to play through, including resuming Skull & Shackles. Look at the math, if you estimate 2.5 years per playthrough:

13 campaigns * 2.5 years per campaign = 32.5

I’m not saying that’s a goal of mine. Pathfinder is an extremely accessible game, and the local area has a wealth of options to play. All things being equal, it will always be a safe fallback.

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