Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Sleeper Below Stirs

Call of Cthulhu Sleeper Below box art.Since The Sleeper Below premiered at GenCon the other week, I’ve done my best to ignore the thread full of spoilers over at CardGameDB. But I’m not going completely cold turkey. That would be crazy. I’m satisfying myself with the trickle of previews coming out of Fantasy Flight Games’ news feed. Yesterday, for instance, they posted about some of the Societies that all the factions are getting. They’re high cost characters with an interesting twist: the closer the other player is to winning, the cheaper they become to play.

I like the idea of a catch-up mechanic, a way to hedge against the person across the table getting a jump out of the gate, though it’s a little situational. Once that train starts rolling, it can be really hard to contend with, especially since Societies are unique, and likely to be one per faction. I feel some dissonance trying to reconcile an entire society of people being as vulnerable to a combat struggle as a single individual, but there we are. Silver Twilight’s H.O.S.T. has what seems to be a particularly useful ability: return a Lodge character to hand to draw a card. So pull someone with an “enters play” ability, draw a card, then get that “enters play” effect again at a later time. Yes, let’s do that!

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