#RPGaDAY 2: First RPG Gamemastered

#RPGaDAY prompts.

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The first RPG I ever ran was Feng Shui second edition, the Hong Kong cinema action game written by Robin D. Laws. In those days, I was an impressionable lad who spent a lot of time trawling reviews on RPG.net. I also spent a fair bit of time combing through bookstores. So when I found the Feng Shui corebook in Barnes & Noble’s used section, of all places, I leapt on it.[1]

I ran the game at college for a couple friends, using the scenario in the back of the book. It was good enough for one of them to say he’d like to play more, but I never got my act together again. That occasion was also the beginning of my bad habits of thinking I had enough notes to wing whatever happened — I never do — and not fully applying rules because damnit, players are staring at me and I can’t make those dice add up with the modifiers with that kind of pressure.

Now Feng Shui’s back in development for a new edition, and some folks are super-excited for it. I’m glad for them, and envy their enthusiasm. I haven’t had that kind of enthusiasm for a role-playing game, or been infected by it, for a long time now.

[1]That shelf is also where I discovered Changeling: the Dreaming, so that was a pretty cool shelf by any measure.

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