#RPGaDAY 8: Favorite Character

#RPGaDAY prompts.

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For as few characters I’ve played over the years, you’d think it’d be easy enough to pick one out. But it’s not just characters I’ve played. It’s Favorite Character, period. That could be another player’s character, or a GM’s portrayal of a non-player character. Or even one I read about in a book, and never saw in play or acted out by someone else.

It’s a tough call to make. Do I go with Andrew Kane, the federal agent in a BPRD adventure I ran, who kept a heavy sigh at the ready and a clicker on his belt to tally collateral damage wrought by the team? What about Thadeamus Straw, the evoker played by Joey in Carrion Crown who always had a story about Granny Straw, and was a lateral reincarnation of Louis Tully? Or good old Porthos Fitz-Empress, the alleged bane of player agency in Mage: the Ascension, assigning jobs to novice mages while capering on the precipice of the most combustive Quiet you never expected?

I can’t pick a favorite character, not with that many on the field, and however many more I might recall in the days to come. I’ll just salute everyone I ever played with who created a vibrant, compelling character that still managed to carry the narrative forward and draw other players into the weave.

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