A Simple Plan

Mint victory against Citizen Dawn with Fanatic, Absolute Zero, Ra: Horus of Two Horizons and Tempest.

Citizen Dawn has a rightful reputation as a difficult villain if you aren’t specifically arming against her with techniques to take citizens out of her trash or mitigating her one-shot surprises. With the line-up offered in A Simple Plan, those tactics aren’t really options.

I’ve been practicing against one-shots on iOS and then taking what I’ve learned there to go for mint on Steam. In this game’s case, it took me five or six plays before I even beat Dawn at all. Some of the strategies I tried included:

  • Using Wrathful Retribution on turn one to get Citizen Anvil’s blanket damage reduction off the board.
  • Allowing multiple copies of Return with the Dawn to keep citizens out of the trash — worked okay, but wound up flooding the board with more villain damage than I could handle.
  • Directing Citizen Hammer’s first damage instance to Absolute Zero, who reacts with Isothermic Transducer and saves everyone else from getting toasted.
  • Banking on Citizens Summer and Hammer recurring and then using Flesh of the Sun Good to prevent their fire damage, thus allowing heroes to focus their damage where it was most pressing.
  • Getting rid of Dawn’s ongoings as soon as Absolute Zero could play Fueled Freeze. Several games, I ignored them to capitalize on Drawn on the Flame, but her cranking out minions was more trouble than 4-5 points of damage to non-hero targets was worth.

And a lot of it was just luck. Return with the Dawn could be kind or cruel, depending on whether it resurrected someone like Anvil, who’s just doing damage, or Truth, who’s stopping you from dealing your team’s own damage where it really matters. Citizen Dawn may go nova and stay that way for turns on end while you have to suffer the slings and arrows of a trickle of citizens, or immediately flip back on the very same turn because there were enough citizens in play and in the trash to satisfy both conditions. I’d like to say I plan things like that out, but it really is just luck.

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