Turning of the Seasons


Perhaps unsurprisingly, my major stumbling block in this one-shot against Progeny, “Turning of the Seasons,” was failing to take into account the scions that Progeny had in play. Once I finally trained myself to check whether Scion of Frost was in play — and thus would negate or worse the damage a hero was about to deal — we were in the second Steam game.

Playing more conservatively helped as well on the second outing. Putting Captain Cosmic’s Vitality Conduits early, and then flicking their ears with Guise’s Tough Choices helped keep hero HPs above 0. I still lost Cosmic himself in this round, but he’d helped Skyscraper and Guise keep back incapacitation long enough, and then Skyscraper’s Thorathian Monoliths, with some Rest and Recovery action in between, kept the damage at bay, and then Compulsion Canisters got most of the work done. As it was, it was the Freedom Fighters that took Progeny down completely, because it turns out that if Guise is immune to damage, he doesn’t have the opportunity to redirect it with Total Beefcake.

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