Nightmare Walking

Defeating Gloomweaver, Skin-Walker in Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game

After a test run of this week’s Sentinels of the Multiverse one-shot on iOS, I thought my “for reals” playthrough on Steam was going to be relatively straightforward. I forgot, though, that my first play ended in a mint thanks to a great deal of luck, climaxing in an Inventory Barrage that did just enough damage to Gloomweaver to end the game.

For the Steam playthrough, I lost the first attempt and squeaked by on the second, resulting in a near mint issue. From my recollection, the main differences in the Steam games were not spamming Stun Bolts as heavily against Gloomweaver, never making use of Thorathian Monolith and shifting from using Super Scientific Tachyon’s Experiment to the more safe Research Grant.

For a villain that never destroys hero ongoings or equipment, this felt weirdly like an instance of having a hard time gaining traction. Once Skinwalker Gloomweaver flips, he’s gaining HP back every time a target is destroyed and playing a card when cultists are destroyed. There was plenty of damage options among the heroes in play — except when fricking Profane Zealot pops out yet again — but it’s hard to feel like one’s making progress when Gloomweaver’s playing yet more cards and healing up past where he was when the attack began.

In that regard, the Skinwalker variant is a nice upgrade from the original Gloomweaver, who’s kind of a cakewalk. This one keeps churning out minions, and some of his cultists are true pains in the ass, like the aforementioned Profane Zealot, as well as Cursed Acolyte.

And interestingly, last week’s Harbinger of Melancholy pairs with this week’s one-shot to mimic a challenge mode, in which the group plays against Spite, Agent of Gloom and, on victory, immediately plays against Skinwalker Gloomweaver with their present card set-ups and HP values. Fun, right? Personally, I’m a little nervous of when Handelabra implements challenge mode. Is that the future of weekly one-shots?

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