#RPGaDay2015 15: Longest Campaign Played

RPG-a-day-2015Carrion Crown: The Haunting of Harrowstone coverThe honor of longest campaign played goes to Carrion Crown. I’ve written extensively about it, recorded post-mortems with the GM and players, and generally covered it at length. Basically, Carrion Crown was a blast to play and a very singular experience in my tabletop game history. We developed a camaraderie there that I hadn’t enjoyed before or since. I’ll be thinking fondly of those folks when I’m old and senile.

3 thoughts on “#RPGaDay2015 15: Longest Campaign Played

  1. That game was a lot of fun, and the longest game I’ve played in terms of total hours. Although I have some issues with high-level play with 3.5 and Pathfinder, this campaign definitely qualifies as one of my favorite games, in large part due to the fun characters and the characters who played them.

    • Andris as the quiet voice of reason / foil of reasonableness to the over the topness of other characters was always one of my favorite interplays in that group.

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