#RPGaDay2015 Round Up

#RPGaDay2015 snuck up on me this year. I was literally on vacation when it kicked off and it took me a couple days to get myself in gear, hence the big catch-up post on the 10th. After briefly toying with doing more batch posts as I saw some other folks doing, I decided I had the time to go for a post a day. Sometimes that meant banking a week’s worth in advance, and hoping that I had still had enough oomph to make the last post of the set interesting. I still felt as though I kept hitting many of the same games and things as last year, but I did come to appreciate how Dave Chapman switched up the topics and made them less about what stuff one bought.

And again, thanks to Dave for organizing the whole #RPGaDay2015 experience. He puts the prompts together, gets the word out there and this year brought in some very cool guest commentators who might not have otherwise participated in the conversation. Additionally, I got a charge out of seeing bloggers and designers I follow participate. Made me feel like we were part of a tighter-knit community. And I got to discover new cool people to follow, like Casting Shadows — which I was doing anyway, but his YouTube channel deserved its own shout-out; it’s as though he ran two blogathons at once.

After all that, I’m feeling more invigorated about role-playing games than I’ve felt in a while, as you may have been able to tell by the wealth of card game-related posts and videos that have gone up over the summer and spring. There’s a new campaign on the horizon for me and while I don’t plan to recap it as I did Carrion Crown or Skull & Shackles, perhaps I’ll find some inspiration there to write about exploring a new character type and mindset, or discovering the dynamics of a group of players all over again.

Finally, here’s the round-up of the #RPGaDay2015 topics for your amusement:


  1. Forthcoming Game You’re Most Looking Forward To
  2. Kickstarted Game Most Pleased You Backed
  3. Favorite New Game of the Last 12 Months
  4. Most Surprising Game
  5. Most Recent RPG Purchase
  6. Most Recent RPG Played
  7. Favorite Free RPG
  8. Favorite Appearance of RPGs in the Media
  9. Favorite Media You Wish Was an RPG
  10. Favorite RPG Publisher
  11. Favorite RPG Writer
  12. Favorite RPG Illustration
  13. Favorite RPG Podcast
  14. Favorite RPG Accessory
  15. Longest Campaign Played
  16. Longest Game Session Played
  17. Favorite Fantasy RPG
  18. Favorite SF RPG
  19. Favorite Supers RPG
  20. Favorite Horror RPG
  21. Favorite RPG Setting
  22. Perfect Gaming Environment
  23. Perfect Game for You
  24. Favorite House Rule
  25. Favorite Revolutionary Game Mechanic
  26. Favorite Inspiration for Your Game
  27. Favorite Idea for Merging Two Games into One
  28. Favorite Game You No Longer Play
  29. Favorite RPG Website or Blog
  30. Favorite RPG Playing Celebrity
  31. Favorite Non-RPG Thing to Come Out of RPGs

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