Green Mountain Gamers Present the Summer Game ‘n Grill 2010

On June 19th, Green Mountain Gamers will host the first in an on-going series of seasonal game days, the Summer Game ‘n Grill 2010. For twelve whole hours, Essex, Vermont’s Memorial Hall hosts a game day of epic proportions. Board games, role-playing adventures, collectible card duels. If you want to play it, they want to host it. Plus, there will be a grill for the cooking of picnicky, summer-type foods, so bring a cooler of what you like best.

The line-up includes, but is not limited to, a Dominion tournament, role-playing games (two of which will be run by yours truly), teaching sessions of various other board games and hopefully some kind of Legends of the 5 Rings collectible card goodness. Check out the game day’s page over at Green Mountain Gamers’ website for more details, including directions, area amenities and more.

Full disclosure: I’m one of the organizers of this little shindig, at which I hinted some time back. We’re pretty excited about this first attempt. It’s going to be instructive on what is and isn’t feasible to make a sustained long haul of year round game days in Vermont. Fortunately, we have some helpful friends who are experienced in these sorts of things, and we’re very grateful for their contributions to the effort.

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