The Unending List of Things to Do

Let’s do a quick project recap, in the manner of A Terrible Idea:

  • International Traditional Gaming Week: observed.
  • Langdon Street Cafe Geek Week: attended.
  • PAX East trip: delayed to 2011. I hear it was fun, though.
  • GURPS Cabal adventure: percolating.
    • Cabal magic system revamp and adaptation via GURPS Thaumatology: to be undertaken.
  • GURPS Ghostbusters adventure: sitting in the back of the mind.
  • Semi-hush-hush game day project: picking up steam.
  • Books to read and commented upon: embarrassingly behind.

As you can see, I have my action items laid out for me. If only my real life were so easily organized into bullet points.

1 thought on “The Unending List of Things to Do

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