Decked! #31: The Gong Show

We’re serving up an extra helping of cheese with Decked! this week. The recent weekly one-shot of Sentinels of the Multiverse pits the heroes against Wager Master this week, a villain with a deck full of rule-bending effects and alternate victory and defeat conditions. When word got around there is the possibility of a one turn win for the heroes, a possibility that some people said they stumbled onto inadvertently, I decided to see if I could find it myself.

Mea culpa: while playing the game, I got pretty turned around trying to describe and then play appropriately to take advantage of Wager Master’s Losing to the Odds, namely the timing of when that victory condition is checked among all the other things happening on Wager Master’s turn. I also made a poor tactical decision during one of the hero turns that could potentially have ruined everything. See if you can spot it!

This episode was another opportunity to refine my recording techniques with OBS, namely mixing vocal audio with the background music and sound effects from the game. I’d still prefer to be able to keep audio tracks separate until the post-production stage, but I’m not quite there yet in figuring out how to make the best use of the resources I have available.

Also of concern to me that OBS doesn’t have an option to monitor recording levels, beyond a simple visual meter. I prefer to monitor audio live with a pair of headphones, which in this case means listening to the outboard mixer’s output, which OBS captures via USB. Best practice is to monitor the last link in the recording chain, but in this case, that last link is OBS and the software doesn’t currently have a way to allow the user to hear the audio being recorded or sent out to a stream.

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