Atlas Games Wants Your Unknown Armies Lunacy

Atlas Games posted an open call for writers to propose topics for short 6,000 word PDFs for Unknown Armies, their modern occult horror roleplaying game:

As an experiment, Atlas Games will release a series of at least three short, commercial PDFs supporting Unknown Armies in the coming months. Veteran RPG writer and developer Jeff Tidball will develop and produce them.

Each release will be like a pit bull: fast, mean, and something you damn well better pay attention to.

These releases need writers, and this is a call for pitches. Are you the writer? Can you pitch us a pit bull?

The post goes on to outline requirements for proposals and remuneration.

This is a pretty hot idea. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting into freelancing, mostly for the egostroke of being published. I lack faith in my ability to come up with ideas sufficiently off the wall to really grab someone’s attention. It’s something I will sleep on, though. 6,000 words for a first outing seems eminently achievable.

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