That’s No Department Store Variety Santa

Under the guise of demonstrating why he should be writing Dr. Strange, the blogger behind Mightygodking has just posted a most delightful notion: the Santae, a clandestine brotherhood of entities with a mutual interest in preserving the human race from wholly succumbing to despair and greed:

The Santae are a very, very old brotherhood, not just of humans but indeed a plethora of supernatural creatures as well. Wizards, sorcerers, spirits, ghosts, monsters, angels, demons, lawyers, you name it – the Santae don’t care what you are so long as you’re willing to contribute to their crusade. Which, in a word, is Christmas.

It’s a fantastically bizarre thought. You could easily insert the Santae as a Solitaire Covenant in a relatively light WitchCraft game, antagonists or protagonists in any campaign level of Unknown Armies or even something really outré, like a hodge-podge alliance of celestial and ethereal entities in In Nomine.

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