#RPGaDAY 15: Favorite Convention Game Played

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I am utterly perplexed by this one. There are plenty of convention games I’ve enjoyed a lot. One session in particular I’m holding onto for day 17. I cannot, regretfully, pull one particular game as my favorite. I’ve run plenty of games at conventions, and never been especially happy with any of them, though the players certainly had fun, such as Band on the Run, in which the Pratchettian tooth fairy took to his appointed task with a glee and reckless abandon that took me totally by surprise, because obviously I did not think “a player is given a character whose motivation is to steal teeth” through to a full conclusion.

There’s the Vampire: the Masquerade game that Gaylord ran at Carnage that I totally did not expect to enjoy, having an instinct bias against Vampire and yet enjoyed immensely, in part because I was playing with some friends and in part because we banded together instinctively and righteously against a player who’d decided to turn the session into a player-vs-player massacre. It was also my first effort at doing some physical mannerisms and a voice for my Nosferatu Jakob. It will not surprise anyone that maintaining an Orlok-like hunch for four hours is more than your typical squeaky, round-shouldered nerd can pull off.

I’m also reminded of that Mutants & Masterminds game run by designer Steve Kenson which gave rise to the adage, “I don’t have any of your flash super powers, like super speed or super strength. I turn into bees, okay?”

The highlight of OGC for me was always John Terra’s games. His Call of Cthulhu games are always a great mix of humor, horror, storytelling and a good play experience. He does a damn fine Paranoia, too.

Having spent days dwelling on this question, I feel no closer to answering it effectively than when I began. I’m going to have to call this good, so we can all move on to the next big thing, whether that’s an #RPGaDAY prompt or convention game.

The Scent of Dried Herbs, the Sight of Calipers and Scales

Over on wod_lj, a World of Darkness discussion community on LiveJournal, a poster recently shared a gallery of photos from an apothecary museum in Kiev — watch out, the photos are huge, but worth the wait. Until recently, the poster’s LARP group used the museum as the venue for their campaign. That’s a pretty awesome backdrop for one’s game, especially considering the group based itself around a Tremere chantry, which would naturally be littered with all sorts of arcane instruments and exotic ingredients.

It’s an pretty swanky place to play and really, a museum for vampires is too fitting. Reminds me of that other highly thematic game space that made the rounds a few months back.

The Michelle Chronicles

We celebrate Actual Play Friday this week with a link for the ages.

The other day on Twitter, Chad Underkoffler, AKA @CUnderkoffler, tweeted the link to something I’ve tried to find now and again for years, but couldn’t come up with the magic words to appease Google: actual play anecdotes about a most singular Vampire: The Masquerade player named Michelle. Her Tremere vampire flies around in the daytime, slings Lure of Flames like no one’s business and generally acts like a senseless loon intended to cause the GM as much grief as possible.

Which, really, is the whole point of the story. I give you The Michelle Chronicles.