Ludlow Green Man carving. Photo by SiGarb.

Ludlow Green Man carving. Photo by SiGarb.

In Robert Holdstock’s Lavondyss, a daurog is a Mesolithic green man. It’s an agglomeration of man, wolf, owl and vole bones, with seeds germinating within the vole remains and shooting up through the layers of remains to festoon the entire body. As the seasons progress, the daurog’s foliage follows the cycle of flowering and shedding. To Ice Age hunters, a daurog might be a tormenting force of nature, an oracle offering cryptic wisdom, their own antecedents and who knows what else.

Hailing from the Fashionable Upper Cambrian

Just in case you needed a strata of rock of a particular antediluvian vintage from which a hibernating monstrosity may spring or creature may be reconstituted, here’s a list of known fossil sites around Vermont and the geological eras in the history of Earth to which they belong.

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