#RPGaDay2015 31: Favorite Non-RPG Thing to Come Out of RPGing

RPG-a-day-2015And as we wrap up #RPGaDay2015, the final prompt turns my thoughts toward what role-playing has done for the wider world. My answer would have to be: people.

Think about it. Role-playing games teach us problem-solving. They teach us empathy, both for characters in the game and for players at the table we might not have known otherwise. They teach us to collaborate, to utilize the available resources in the most efficient way possible, to build a shared narrative out of wildly disparate parts in a way that is — ideally — inclusive and constructive.

In the best case scenario — and, I think — in most scenarios, role-playing games teach us to be better people. Empathic, inventive, constructive, literate people. That’s a win every way you look at it.

And that’s #RPGaDay2015! Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride, commented, shared their own experiences and made the journey so much fun. Thanks especially to Dave Chapman, the mind behind Autocratik and the #RPGaDay blogathon movement. He puts the prompts together and led the charge with a vlog series that brought in publishers and designers to participate who might not have had the capacity to engage in the full course of the month.