FlashCon on March 25th in West Lebanon

The second FlashCon is already on the horizon for March 25th at the Kilton Public Library in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. Like the name implies, FlashCons are spry and nimble, appearing almost unexpectedly wherever there are tables and chairs for gaming hobbyists to enact their pastimes.

This FlashCon follows the manner of the first with a two hour block for shorter games or teaching sessions, then a longer second block in the later afternoon for the full-on tabletop experience.

Organizer Gordon Spaeth is looking for people share and teach games, so if you’ve got a favorite board game or a role-playing adventure in your pocket, get in touch with him through the Facebook page or via Green Mountain Gamers. If you come from the other end of the spectrum and are curious about all this tabletop hoo-hah, FlashCon is an ideal opportunity to dip your toe in.

OGC 2011: Year of the Ninja

Speaking of conventions, I see New Hampshire’s OGC has their event schedule online for your perusal. OGC — short for Open Gaming Convention — is an intimate, role-playing-centric convention. Everybody knows everybody, either because they’re active in the local gaming community or they’re fellow gadabouts on the New England convention circuit.

Some of my favorite convention GMs are running games there this year, as they always do. As well as other acclaimed GMs whom I haven’t had the opportunity to witness at their craft.

At a time of year when everybody’s talking about Gen Con, it’s reassuring to know that the local game scene stays the course, nice and steady.

Free RPG Day 2011

Free RPG Day is not coming to Vermont this year, same as 2010. The nearest participating stores are in Albany, New York, Montreal, Quebec and Manchester, New Hampshire. In short, they’re way out of the way for some freebies.

It’s not a big deal, as many of those offerings show up for download sooner or later. And, to be honest, the only one I’ve ever used in any capacity was the Changeling: the Lost quickstart when it first came out, so it’s not as though they’re of startling utility to me.

If you’ve got a game store in your area participating in Free RPG Day, show them some love. Or they’ll decide role-playing games aren’t a viable source of revenue, as so many other stores, including Burlington’s own, have done.

Spilled Milk

Geek Mountain State just posted this: a Ghostbusters fan film, called Spilled Milk. Made by the Ghostbusters of New Hampshire costuming group, it stars the same as paranormal exterminators on their home turf, dealing with a pesky ghost in the local convenience store.

The thing that tickled my own brain about this short is a lot of it is how I picture GBI-Boston looking: the modernized Ectomobile with arcane equipment hanging off the top — though I still prefer the look of the Subaru wagon — and contemporary-styled people hauling the old school proton packs.

It’s a good chuckle during your lunch time.

Carnage at the Castle

Saturday morning, I and some others from the Carnage crew and Upper Valley gaming community headed down to the Game Castle, Londonderry, New Hampshire’s local game store for Carnage at the Castle, to get the word out about Carnage to the New Hampshire population and get some board games played in the store.

In addition to plunging in to playing about a half dozen different board games, most of which I had never tried before, I got to meet a couple New Hampshire gaming personalities: Randy, who’s been involved with Econocon for a very long time, if not its inception, and Wayne, who heads up the Sages of RPG, a Seacoast-based gaming group. We got into a loop of passing cards around, Randy and Wayne for their projects and me for Green Mountain Gamers.

All in all, it was a fun time. I went into it feeling leery, because I’ve become picky of late about dealing with new board games, but overall I liked what I played. Ave Caesar with the “mean” variant was a hoot, though I can see it would require players with the right temperament. Burlington, Vermont to Londonderry, New Hampshire and back with ten hours of gaming in between is a hell of a haul, though. I can understand why no one ever wants to come up here for events.

Econocon XIII Pre-reg Opens

Preregistration for Econocon XIII: Get Lucky, in Plymouth, NH, has opened. You can download the PDF of the pre-reg book from their website, as well as register online. Andrew Greenberg, longtime White Wolf developer and contributor to the beloved Fading Suns role-playing game, is guest of honor this year. I see Brad Younie’s demoing the hell out of The Unexplained, too.

I haven’t been able to visit Econocon yet myself, but I know a number of folks who make it a semi-regular destination. April’s become fuzzy for me, since Northeast Wars’ cancellation. Depending on how things shake out on the local gaming scene, I may make a day trip over to PSU for Saturday.

OGC 2009: The Year Evil Wins

Just want to give a quick shout-out to the hard-working staffers and gamers currently attending OGC, Nashua, NH’s Open Gaming Convention. They’re a great crowd who are fun to play with and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it this year.

If you’re in the neighborhood of southern New Hampshire, swing by this weekend and check things out.