New England Role Players Association Digs for a Dead God

The New England Role Players Association (NERPA) just posted an actual play recording of Digging for a Dead God, the first act of John Wick’s Curse of the Yellow Sign, using Cthulhu Dark. Future acts are to come. I’ve got the first one playing right now.

I got to talk to James of NERPA very briefly at Carnage this year. I may have heard more of his voice in his recording of Brad Younie’s On the Brink of Invasion for The Unexplained than in actual conversation. We’ll have to rectify that.

A Carnage of Bibliogantuan Proportions

Both yours and mine — your and my? — favorite Vermont game convention, Carnage, posted their prereg book last night. This crucial step in the run up to November 5th accomplished, convention-going gamers all over New England and beyond can plan their weekend at Carnage with ease, particularly since the download offerings this year include a handy schedule grid, all the better for the conventioneer to discover with horror which two of their “must play” games have been scheduled against each other.

It’s going to be a glorious weekend. And you know, I even put some thought into Pumpkin Jack last night. Onward, to Carnage!