Melting Down Middlebury

Ilsley Library is rocking.

Ilsley Library is rocking.

I didn’t get to attend the game day this past weekend. But Chuck of the Green Mountain Gamers did. And he snapped pictures and blogged about it over on the Green Mountain Gamers website. So check that out instead of reading my typical natterings about these days. Let someone else tell you how much fun it was instead!

Let the Spring Meltdown Commence

March 19th in Middlebury, Vermont.

My corner of Vermont has been in thaw for the last week, which is a fine prelude to Spring Meltdown, the fourth of the Green Mountain Gamers’ seasonal game days.

Tomorrow morning, I and some of the Burlington crowd will truck down to Middlebury, where we hope to meet the fine game-playing denizens of Addison, southern Chittenden and northern Rutland counties.

In addition to officiating the Endeavor tournament, I will have a number of role-playing-like things in my bag: the Ghostbusters adventure Pumpkin Jack, Fiasco with my as yet playtested science fiction set and Inspectres, which I picked up at PAX East last weekend. So at least I’ll have some reading material if I find myself with downtime.

If you’re in the area, or even just slightly out of it and have an itch to do some traveling, I hope you’ll come out for a bit.

Spring Meltdown Game Day in Middlebury, Vermont

March 19th in Middlebury, Vermont.

I can’t believe it’s already less than a month until Spring Meltdown, the Green Mountain Gamers’ spring game day. We only started talking about seasonal traveling game days about a year ago at Langdon Street Cafe. Since then, we’ve put on three successful game days, each larger than the last, in Burlington, Lyndonville and Barre, Vermont.

On March 19th, we’re coming to Middlebury to round out a year of tabletop games, good people and a lot of laughs. It’s bound to be a great time with the awesome folks who have been in attendance so far. Most of what happens at these days has been open board game play. We wind up with tables groaning under the weight of games everyone’s brought to share. People divvy themselves up, either because  there’s a game that’s caught their eye or they’d like to learn, or they brought some in particular they’re eager to have the opportunity to teach and play. I know the new Lovecraftian board game Mansions of Madness is going to be one of those; Carlo participated in the preview event this past weekend at his local game store in Quebec and is bringing it down to Spring Meltdown.

On the role-playing side, we’re working on growing that. We’ve got some old school first edition Dungeons & Dragons in both Middle-earth and a classic TSR published module. I’ll have the goods for GURPS Ghostbusters: Pumpkin Jack and something for Fiasco, either my still untested science fiction playset or one that caught my eye, like Toil and Trouble.

It’s gonna be a fun day! I hope to meet some new faces there.