#RPGaDay2015 12: Favorite RPG Illustration


Doctor Silverback and Firewing fight in the sky over Millennium City.

Millennium City cover art by Chris Stevens.

I am a man of simple tastes. If you put a hyperintelligent gorilla in a battle get-up and then depict that hyperintelligent gorilla locked in aerial combat with a flame-wreathed supervillain over a metropolis, you’ve got me.

This particular work[1] was created by Chris Stevens for Millennium City, a city source book for the Champions superhero setting, circa the fifth edition of HERO. My infatuation with HERO is over, but Millennium City is one book I’m going to hang onto until the end. More villains to throw at the players — and additional heroes to get into trouble and need help — are always going to be an asset for whatever superhero campaign I’m running.

I ran a brief Mutants & Masterminds campaign set at the Claremont Academy in Freedom City, where Dr. Silverback was attached as a teacher and scientific expert. The campaign petered out before this came to light, but when the PCs dropped a “solve this science problem!” on Silverback and washed their hands of the situation, he did a shady deal with Teleios for a quick cure. They would have met their newly-spawned yet degenerating clones at some point soon after that.

[1] I was startled to discover I couldn’t find an easy screengrab of the front cover of Millennium City. So you get to enjoy my thumb in the lower corner of that snapshot.

The Game With No Name Math Trade

Matt Golec of the Penny Press design team has hosted a no-ship math trade at Carnage for some years now, coming up with thematic names to make us grin as we figure out what games we don’t want to own anymore. This year, it’s the Game With No Name math trade.

A math trade is a method of swapping whereby people list what they don’t want, list what they would like to get in return from other swappers and a computer figures out the details. The “no ship” part means no one ships anything. Show up to Carnage, drop off what you’re swapping, pick up what you’re getting. Done!

This year, I staked claim to the entirety of the third page of the geek list. You will find a bevy of light, popcorn games like Chez Cthulhu and the Cheapass family. You will find thematic bundles of HERO and GURPS sourcebooks. You will find Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Spelljammer books because I’m acknowledging that I’m not going to get around to running games in most of these settings.

You will also find lots of good stuff for which to trade with other folks posting to the list. Check it out, and offer up what you’re not interested in playing anymore!


Dan of More Than Dice has a cool concept for a cardsharp cursed with immortality and the ability to inflict good and bad fortune on anyone who takes a card: Jack of Spades: Cursed Hero.

I especially dig the representation of the Deck of Fates in HERO terms. It adds an element of randomness that one doesn’t often find in super hero combat.