For Christmas this year, I got a couple game-related items. First and most obvious was my very own copy of Dominion, to which I promptly added the Envoy and Black Market decks I picked up last month. That now makes at least four copies of the game in the local board game community. It may be time to organize some kind of Dominion tournament at Quarterstaff Games.

I also received a couple of gift certificates, one to Barnes & Noble’s online store and Quarterstaff Games. The game store certificate I think I’ll bank for a while; there’s nothing out at the moment I especially want. The new edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill is the next board game release I really want and that’s probably going to be late 2010, at least. The Extraterrestrial Sourcebook for Conspiracy X has been variously stuck at the printer or on the boat for months now, so maybe I’ll use it on that if it ever appears. There’s also Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space which has tempted me somewhat, but I have philosophical issues with the notion of that purchase I’ll get around to explaining sometime soon.

The Barnes & Noble certificate I’d like to use rather more sharpish, as I imagine these end of year deals will, well, end with the year — which makes the decision tough, because Barnes & Noble’s game selection is much more limited. I’m considering getting the Pathfinder corebook, for example, which I think would be a kick in the pants to participating more in the Wednesday Pathfinder Society games, or maybe the systemless Pirate’s Guide to Freeport as a general purpose resource, or even another Changeling: The Lost supplement, assuming it’s in stock. I could just get a Lovecraft anthology as research for an upcoming project, but really, that’s what Paperbackswap.com is for.

Regrettably, their board game selection is rather light at the moment. I couldn’t even pick up a copy of Carcassonne if I wanted.

So I don’t know, really. Anyone have suggestions of a gaming-related item to get from Barnes & Noble?