The Apotheosis of Arkham Horror Storage

Travis of Boardgamegeek brings us the pinnacle, the acme, the highest of achievements in figuring out how to store the sprawling excesses of Arkham Horror and its expansions.

The picture to the right is just the tip of the iceberg. Travis takes you into the case, its myriad compartments and the many pieces of accoutrement with which he gussied it. Check it out now — and bring a snack. It’s a long journey.

Dominion Storage Just Got a Lot Hotter

Oh, you sexy thing.

Trawling Boardgamegeek, I came across a link to this, an amazingly clever box design for storing Dominion — and really any game with lots of different types of cards that don’t get shuffled together. I’d love to include a picture here, but the author appears to be Korean, so I don’t have high hopes of getting permission. So you’ll just have to click through.

The really nice thing about this box design is it’s expandable. You can pull on the two long sides double the box’s width. This gives your fingers plenty of room to pull the decks out, in contrast to other homebrew box designs, where the decks are tightly packed together. The ability to expand the box works because each deck has its own sleeve, which is anchored to one side or the other of the box. Which side the sleeve is anchored to alternates with each deck, creating that space in the middle to properly grip the top and bottom of a deck when the sides of the box are pulled apart.

I’ll cop to snickering a bit on seeing the lengths some people have gone to perfect a storage solution for this game or that. A box is a box in most cases and the packaged Dominion tray is really pretty great, particularly in contrast to what you see other game manufacturers put in their boxes. But this design . . . this design has me thinking about making it my winter project. It’s just that sexy.