[Fletcher Free Library Gaming] Descend into the Library

You'll find more photos from our library game day behind the jump.

Yesterday was Brennan’s test run of having a board game day in the Fletcher Free Library’s community room. My friend and I were the first to arrive, and Brennan and Alex arrived in short order. For the occasion, I borrowed a friend’s copy of Descent: Journeys in the Dark. It’s a big, sprawling, bitfest of a dungeoncrawl from Fantasy Flight Games, makers of my beloved Arkham Horror. This set also had all the expansions mixed in, so it took some sorting to pull out the  In retrospect, Descent probably wasn’t the best choice for a day of getting new faces to play board games, as it’s pretty time-consuming, which isn’t fair to latecomers. But I bulled ahead anyway.

At first, I thought it was going to be a rough sell. The tough part, as is usually the case with Fantasy Flight Games’ output, is working through all the bits and pieces to explain what they signify. In Descent, most of the players each have a character to guide through the dungeon and send against the overlord, the final player’s, monsters. So everyone had a pile of tokens, cards and special abilities that needed explaining.

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