Carnagecast 40: Gygax Magazine and Gary Con

carnagecast-rss-image-300There’s a new episode of Carnagecast up over on the Carnage site.

This week, James Carpio of Chapter 13 Press and more recently games editor of Gygax magazine joins us to talk about putting together a role-playing periodical in the modern age. Plus he’s just back from Gary Con and rather jazzed by all that he got to see and do there.

Broken Moon on Carnagecast

Broken Moon cover.The latest episode of Carnagecast features Dan, Hunter and Toby, fellow compatriots in our Carrion Crown campaign, talking about their thoughts in playing through the third module, Broken Moon. Go give it a listen and hear about some of the stuff that I didn’t recap.

And hey, if you rated the show in iTunes, that’d be pretty cool, too.

Reflecting on The Haunting of Harrowstone

Carrion Crown: The Haunting of Harrowstone coverWe take a look back at The Haunting of Harrowstone, the module that seemed to trigger a craze for adventure paths in my immediate role-playing circles on this week’s Carnagecast. Dan, Toby and GM Hunter join me for part review, part sharing our personal experiences playing through the adventure.

Spoilers abound, of course, as we pick apart the details of the scenario pretty thoroughly. Plus Hunter pulls back the GM curtain and we learn about the tweaks he made to the written material.

Also, Dan just can’t let go of the fact that a village the size of Ravengro — 290-odd souls, plus undead legions — has two magic shops.

Greetings from Studio B!

Carnagecast's Studio BAs preparations for Carnage pick up speed, more of the not-work portions of my brain are given over to the many interlocking, moving parts whizzing about at every increasing speed that go into putting on a convention. Just this evening, I took a pass through proofreading the convention book, soon to hit an inbox, physical or electronic, near you.

Additionally, I made some upgrades to the Carnagecast recording setup in here “Studio B.” A shiny new mixer firmly wedges open vistas of remote interviews over the telephone and VOIP. We’ve done those before, certainly, talking to luminaries like Lorien Green, director of Going Cardboard, and Dave Chapman, line developer of Conspiracy X 2.0. Those recording sessions were special set-ups. Now it’ll be easier to pull them off. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll work our way up to a live show at Carnage.

In the meantime, I’ll be recording more Carnagecast episodes, assembling the schedule grid for cross-referencing with the Carnage book, playtesting my adventures, Reavers of the Pearl Bright Ocean and The Ice Giants of Mansfield, and doing whatever else needs to get done to make our last year at Lake Morey — we’re moving to Killington in 2013, you know — memorable and fun.

On the Road to PAX East 2012

I have a write-up of my trip to PAX East 2012 in the works. In the meantime, enjoy this prelude to the weekend, a Carnagecast extrasode recorded with my friend Sarah and I on our way down to Boston the night before the convention.

We talk about what we hope to do during the trip and whether an audiologist can distinguish modern sculpture from giant stompy robots.


If I’m producing a podcast, you know it won’t be long before Arkham Horror gets into the mix. Episode 3 of Carnagecast is the first in a multi-part recording of an Arkham Horror session from last month. We played with the Dunwich, Kingsport and Miskatonic Horror expansions, so there were cards flying every which way.

Give it a listen, won’t you? I would love to get some feedback.


One of my goals the last couple years has been to produce a podcast. Since my first days of listening to All Games Considered and Never Not Funny, the medium has appealed. Not only does it vaguely overlap skills and knowledge utilized in my professional life, but it has a strong DIY ethic, which I appreciate. My biggest hurdle was finding a cause or entity to which I could hitch my good intentions.

After a couple false starts, I’m finally on my way. Carnagecast acts as a component of  Carnage Gaming’s presence on the web and in social media in particular. Episodes will visit with members of the Carnage community to talk about their gaming endeavors, thoughts about the games they love — or not — conventions they go to and more.