Broken Moon on Carnagecast

Broken Moon cover.The latest episode of Carnagecast features Dan, Hunter and Toby, fellow compatriots in our Carrion Crown campaign, talking about their thoughts in playing through the third module, Broken Moon. Go give it a listen and hear about some of the stuff that I didn’t recap.

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[Carrion Crown] The Story So Far

When last we left the junior justice defenders of Lepidstadt (ret.), they stood poised to ambush a gang of trolls in the gatehouse of Schloss Caromarc. A lot has happened since then. Briefly:

Trial of the Beast

Trial of the Beast cover

  • They forced their way through building after crumbling building of Caromarc’s cliffside estate. Where decrepit architecture didn’t threaten their lives, the count’s experiments or “gifts” left by the Whispering Way did. At the pinnacle of a perilously slanty tower, they found the Beast itself joined in battle with another monstrosity of a golem while an electrical storm raged over head.
  • After dispatching the golem they cared for less,[1] the adventurers find Count Caromarc himself stashed away in a cupboard. Crane takes the tactic of blaming Caromarc for everything that’s gone wrong, as there would have been little to threaten anyone if not for his innumerable experiments in alchemy and fleshcrafting.
  • Perhaps feeling a little guilty about the whole affair, Caromarc offers gold and a lead in the further doings of the Whispering Way: an exclusive hunting lodge deep in the Shudderwood. Continue reading