Board Games on Vermont Public Radio

Ben is super-excited to talk into a big yellow windscreen.

Ben is super-excited to talk into a big yellow windscreen. Photo by Benjamin Higgins (@flopcardboard) / Used with permission.

Vermont Public Radio’s live noontime show, Vermont Edition, discussed the board game renaissance of the 21st century with some locals in the Vermont tabletop community: Benjamin Higgins, manager of the venerable Quarterstaff Games in Burlington, and Andrew Liptak, co-founder of Geek Mountain State. Also popping in to comment were Matt Golec and Robert Dijkman-Dulkes, designers of Penny Press and the prototypical Westmonster Kennel Club games.

My favorite part of the conversation is how everyone in the mix reaffirmed that board games — and all tabletop games — are about building relationships and community. People get together to play board games. Tabletop games need someone else to be in the room. Game stores become hubs of community- and relation-building. Robert puts in a nice pitch for Green Mountain Gamers providing venues all around the state for people to meet their neighbors and find new people with whom to enjoy excellent games. Carnage also gets a tip of the hat as Vermont’s premiere board and tabletop game event.

When tabletop games make it to something as mainstream a media outlet as public radio, I feel like we’ve reached a new peak in terms of making the hobby more visible. Web shows like Tabletop are great, but over the air terrestrial media is a new tier of reach altogether.

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