Decked! #34: Gotta Catch Em All

We have what you might call a “target rich environment” this week on Decked!: Grand Warlord menaces Earth with marauding minions. Captain Cosmic commands a cadre of constructs. Unity brandishes a battalion of bots. The Final Wasteland harbors a horde of horrible cryptids. That is, by most accounts, a grand total of 71 targets in the mix. Can we get them all safely tucked away under Haka’s Savage Mana? Find out!

I haven’t any new OBS or post-production cleverness to report this week. My idle tinkering time has gone to incorporating the YouTube Gaming chat box into a livestream. I’m not sure I have the time capacity or breadth of interesting games to cultivate a streaming audience, but it entertains me to go through the steps and figure out how to implement these things.

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