Decked! #30: Res/u/rre/x/ion: Reborn

Decked! does something new this week, as we play through Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game‘s weekly one-shot, titled “Res/u/rre/x/ion: Reborn,” pitting Unity, the Wraith and Haka against advanced Ambuscade. Weekly one-shots are a sort of challenge with a predetermined match-up between team of heroes and a villain. Sometimes the opening hands and decks are stacked, other times everything is randomized, as in this case. Depending on how one does, the player(s) can win a copy of the issue of varying quality, graded good up to mint.

“Res/u/rre/x/ion: Reborn” is the third in a series of “Res/u/rre/x/ion” one-shots, seemingly playing out a series of encounters that may lead to the unlocking of the Omnitron-U variant. No one’s quite figured out the full condition for unlocking Omnitron-U at this point, but the variant was made available for immediate play by the Season 2 kickstarter reaching a stretch goal.

On the technical side, this episode of Decked! was spurred on a rainy afternoon making me want to do more with OBS, and figuring out how to take advantage of the software’s internal audio mixer. Due to weirdness glitches with OBS’s mixer, I wound up falling back on tried and true techniques, bringing the game audio to an outboard mixer, feeding a mic into the same mixer for vocals, and then sending the mixed output back to OBS for recording. I basically did the same thing back with the 100 subscriber special, but forewent the precautionary back-up audio track.

Ideally, future let’s play episodes of Sentinels would be recorded in a way to let me edit audio tracks independently afterwards, if necessary. That means figuring out what’s going on with OBS’ own mixer, or using an external recorder to put the vocals on one channel and game audio on the other of a stereo track.