Skull & Shackles: Dire Rats Redux

Four shanghaied adventurers face off against dire rats in the bilges of a sailing ship, as role-playing minis on a map.
Can you pick out Usidore the Blue in this picture? He’s a water wizard, ‘Arry.

After a very, very long run-up, I got to join in a nascent campaign of Skull & Shackles, which readers may recall I have sampled before. Hopefully this time, bot fly fever will be less of a crushing burden.

Decked! #25: Call of Cthulhu January 2016 Draft

Black Moon Games hosted a Call of Cthulhu LCG draft recently, and Decked! was there to catch the action. Before we get into the matches of the day, let’s look over Ray’s shoulder to see what he selects from the cards offered to him, and get some insight into his drafting process.

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