Sentinels of the Multiverse Concludes

Baron Blade glowers behind the heroes from lef to right: Tachyon, Absolute Zero, the Wraith, Legacy and Bunker.This past Friday, Greater Than Games made official what they’d been saying for years now: the end of the Sentinels of the Multiverse game line is nigh. While not necessarily news to anyone who’s followed the company’s progress, as they’ve been very open about following a storyline through the game and its expansions with a distinct conclusion, it’s still a little jarring for them to make good on it. As the board game hobby has bloomed, it’s become de rigueur for popular games to be followed by an endless string of expansions until such time as the sales are no longer worth the expense of publishing them.

My enjoyment of the print version waxes and wanes and right now is waning as I consider the prospect of toting around two more big boxes’ worth of expansion materials — the promised OblivAeon, plus Villains of the Multiverse — even in light of this all-in-one storage option Greater Than is teasing. But this campaign is the game’s last hurrah, and will include the long-promised pack of variant heroes, so maybe I will decide to retire my proxies after the “one with everything” pack appears.

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