Call of Cthulhu Necronomicon Draft, January 2016

A Necronomicon draft pack for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game: a stack of white bordered cards with a splash card of a terrifying figure playing a twisted violin.

Total Cards: (40)

Character: (25)
1x Nigel St. James (The Shifting Sands)
1x Son of Yeb (Core Set)
1x Whitton Greene (Seekers of Knowledge)
1x Wizard of Yog-Sothoth (Secrets of Arkham)
1x Blood Magician (Conspiracies of Chaos)
2x Guardian of Dawn (Terror in Venice)
2x Archaeology Interns (Into Tartarus)
1x Unscrupulous Acquisitionist (The Gleaming Spiral)
2x Key-seeker (Curse of the Jade Emperor)
1x Magnus Stiles (Shadow of the Monolith)
1x Wilbur Whateley (The Key and the Gate)
1x Carl Stanford (Seekers of Knowledge)
1x Arcane Initiate (Core Set)
1x Richard Pike (Seekers of Knowledge)
1x The Red-Gloved Man (Whispers in the Dark)
1x Andrew-Chapman (The Key and the Gate)
1x Cub Reporter (Seekers of Knowledge)
1x Matthew Alexander (Seekers of Knowledge)
2x Alternative Historian (Seekers of Knowledge)
1x Cultist of the Key (The Wailer Below)
1x The Day Dreamer (Twilight Horror)

Support: (8)
1x Guardian Pillar (Search for the Silver Key)
1x The Rays of Dawn (Twilight Horror)
1x Medico Della Peste (Terror in Venice)
2x Elder Binding (Aspirations of Ascension)
1x Rabbit’s Foot (The Spawn of the Sleeper)
2x Cryptic Writings (Search for the Silver Key)

Event: (5)
1x Calling the Williwaw (The Key and the Gate)
1x All are One (The Spoken Covenant)
1x Fist of Yog-Sothoth (That Which Consumes)
2x Feint (Secrets of Arkham)

Conspiracy: (2)
1x Unending Festivities (Terror in Venice)
1x Combing the Archives (Lost Rites)

This Sunday, Black Moon Games hosted a Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game draft at their store in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Three of us traveled down from Burlington to meet up with three more players, which makes for the most people I’ve seen playing Cthulhu at the same time in one place, outside cutaways in Fantasy Flight’s live streams. After drafting cards, we played three rounds with the decks we built, first with random match-ups, then pairing manually based on the wisdom of de factor tournament organizer Rod. I got three matches on camera for Decked!, so you can look forward to those posts in the coming weeks, as well as an over the shoulder shot of Ray drafting his cards. My hope is for that to become a mini-series, where Ray explains his thinking on his selections card by card, both for himself and with regard to what he deduced his neighbors were doing.

As for myself, my first pick was a Syndicate card, Carnivale Sentinel, and then I rapidly realized that I was not be receiving any useful Syndicate cards at all from my neighbors — later on, I discovered both Rod and Carlo had built decks with significant Syndicate presence — so I shifted gears toward Miskatonic University when I got an Alternative Historian and Yog-Sothoth for the affordable cultists and sorcerers. Then Carlo passed me Carl “Goddamn” Stanford, as he’s known locally, and I found myself drafting three factions.

My mantra was “Characters win drafts,” as Rod told me once, and I tried to stick to that, keeping in mind cost, icons and useful abilities. Some characters wound up always getting resourced — Richard Pike, for instance, and Magnus Stiles; too narrow an ability and too high a cost, respectively — and most of the support cards wound up feeling like chaff, barring Cryptic Writings — shutting down Henry Knoll at one point, delightfully — and Guardian Pillar proving super helpful the one time I got Unending Festivities into play.

Overall, I won two matches and lost the third to Rod and his Syndicate deck. I’m pretty happy with that for my second time ever drafting, especially after tanking so hard the first time.

Stay tuned for draft picks and play commentary on coming episodes of Decked!

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