So Long, And Thanks for All the Cards

Earlier today, Fantasy Flight Games announced that Mark of Madness would be the final expansion to Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. This is, of course, a huge bummer, especially coming on the heels of the announcement that the winner of Worlds would get to design a card for Call of Cthulhu, implying there would be a product of some kind in which the card would be included. Instead, it turns out the world champion gets a print run of their card to hand out to friends and family. Maybe this year’s champ will entertain the notion of accepting self-addressed, stamped envelopes from players elsewhere.

None of this affects the game or the cards, of course. The game’s still fun and the cards all do exactly what they used to. I hope to keep playing with my friends, the way it’s always been. We’ll have to work a little harder to get together without the prompting of a local store, wishing to make their money back on a prize kit, and deckbuilding will slow down, but we’ll still play.[1]

Call of Cthulhu was my first deep dive into card games of this sort. I played Magic in the early 90s. I dabbled in Netrunner. But the Cthulhu LCG is where I dove in deep and didn’t look back. I’m going to spend the next couple months deciding what I’m going to do next with the living card game model, or any other flavor of card game.[2] I’ll cop to feeling a little burned — though certainly the writing was on the wall for a long time now — but I haven’t yet seen another game on the market with a similarly appealing blend of theme and rules density as Call of Cthulhu. Right now, I can’t picture getting into another card game nearly as enthusiastically as I did with Cthulhu.

[1] In fact, with the end of the structure of organized play for Call of Cthulhu, surely that means there’s no more restricted list. Welcome back, Y-Train!

[2] And what this means for Decked!, in fact. Right now, the options look like carrying on unphased, finding a new favorite card game, or a massive format change.

2 thoughts on “So Long, And Thanks for All the Cards

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