Decked! Tech: Lock, Stock and Two Frothy Steins

In celebration of Decked! getting 100 subscribers on YouTube — thank you everyone who’s been following along, commenting, and sharing the game play goodness out there — we’re doing something a little different this week: Decked! Tech. Ray builds a deck live on tape for you, from his initial notion to weeding through all the possible cards to whittling down to a final fifty. Bear in mind this is an initial draft list, which we will test and come back with revisions.

Lock, Stock and Two Frothy Steins

Total Cards: (50)

Character: (20)
3x Lodge Barkeep (The Order of the Silver Twilight)
3x Clover Club Bootlegger (The Twilight Beckons)
3x Ol’ Lazy Eyes (Conspiracies of Chaos)
3x Keeper of the Silver Sphere (The Order of the Silver Twilight)
3x Tragic Celebrity (Conspiracies of Chaos)
3x Extortionist (Core Set)
2x Lookout (Lost Rites)

Support: (15)
3x Under Cover of Darkness (Denizens of the Underworld)
2x Sarnath (Denizens of the Underworld)
3x Guardian Pillar (Search for the Silver Key)
3x Elder Binding (Aspirations of Ascension)
2x The Seventh House on the Left (Kingsport Dreams)
2x The Plague Stone (Terror in Venice)

Event: (12)
3x Forcing the Truth (Curse of the Jade Emperor)
3x Intimidate (Secrets of Arkham)
2x Low Blow (Core Set)
2x On the Lam (Denizens of the Underworld)
2x Panic (Core Set)

Conspiracy: (3)
3x Unending Festivities (Terror in Venice)

Deck Created with Call of Cthulhu Deckbuilder

For this inaugural session of Decked! Tech, Ray starts with Lodge Barkeep. One of the more tantalizing entries in Call of Cthulhu‘s card pool, the Barkeep is cross-faction steadfast. He’s a Silver Twilight character that requires a Syndicate resource on one of its owner’s domain to play, and brings an exhaustion trick to the Silver Twilight faction. You could say the deck builds itself, but Ray makes some discoveries along the way that keep things interesting.

Subscribe to Decked! on YouTube and be the first to know when the testing session hits! And if we get to 200 subscribers, Ray’s already committed to building a Zoog deck for your entertainment, so that should be interesting.

Sharp-eared viewers may note that while recording, Ray initially dubbed this deck “I’ll Have What He’s Having.” Almost immediately after recording, Ray said, “I should have called it ‘Lock, Stock and Two . . . something.'” And thus the deck name you see today.

2 thoughts on “Decked! Tech: Lock, Stock and Two Frothy Steins

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