One of the grails of recording card game matches has to be the view of the player’s hand of cards. If you’ve ever watched televised poker — I watched a lot of Celebrity Poker Showdown during school breaks, I have to admit — you may be familiar with the camera angle built right into the table bumper, so that commentators and viewers can see what cards each player is holding.

Such arrangements are beyond the hobbyist at the moment, but Stephane over at BoardKit came up with an ingenious alternative, using everyday plexigas and smartphones, which he calls Cardglass. Stephane explains and demonstrates the arrangement in a pair of videos. Check out the introduction below, and then take a peek at his demo game:

Clever, right? With a video-capable smartphone laying on a pane of plexigas, each player can use the viewfinder to sort through their hand, which allows the commentators and viewers to do the same, no muss, no fuss. As Stephane and his demo partner note in their trial run, throw in a pair of privacy screens to keep the other player from accidentally glimpsing the phone’s screen and you’re good to go.

I’d love to be able to give this a try some day. Recording a Decked! commentary would change dramatically, as we could talk about the options a player’s perusing as they sift through their hand. Can they resource the optimal faction mix in Call of Cthulhu? What surprises do they have in hand the other person doesn’t suspect?

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