Mutation and Growth

Every so often, I get the urge to do something constructive, to make a web site or other web entity of some kind. Sometimes, I get to channel that urge to a useful end. I’ve developed or revamped three different convention web sites, and learned more and more about site design with each one — oh man, am I glad one of those sites isn’t really around anymore. I developed a podcast about tabletop games. I started up Held Action. I was on the ground floor with Green Mountain Gamers, which went from a blog and a Google Site to an independent social network. The point of this litany being that I can do stuff and it can make a difference to people.

Other times, I stifle the urge because it feels like there’s nothing new under the sun of the internet. In that mindset, ultimately content is content whether it’s served up on a blog or a content management system, a wiki or parceled out through status updates. If you don’t stand a shot of being at least moderately successful, why take the shot at all? Better to look for another one of those opportunities to plug into an existing effort and help improve that.

I have been in the middle of that thought process for the last couple days. What can I make that will give me a sense of satisfaction and engagement with other people? This blog has proven to be mostly for my own amusement — and in hindsight, that’s no surprise, because the ones that inspire community are one-in-a-thousand. Decked! has my attention at the moment, just as cranking out three posts a week, hell or high water, used to in the early days of Held Action, or Carnagecast‘s biweekly episodes. I’m sure that my interests will change with time, but I’ve got to say that Decked! has certainly been one of my most satisfying personal projects to date in terms of engagement. Views! Comments! Thumbs in the raised direction!

So when I think about what I want to do next, I wonder whether a blog is the best format. What other options are out there? Is this the chance to learn how to manage a Drupal installation, for instance? How can I even figure out the desires that I want to meet, and then how to fulfill them?

Or should I acknowledge this is the same old urge come around again, and look for an existing project that can use some extras hands, because it’s likely to benefit more people than only myself?

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