#RPGaDay2015 28: Favorite Game You No Longer Play

RPG-a-day-2015Today’s topic stings a little bit. I haven’t regularly role-played for almost a year now, owing to other commitments. And my game library is ludicrously over-sized relative to the percentage of them I have actually played, or at least played or GMed more than once. So picking a favorite out of the games I no longer play would almost be like picking my favorite game, period.

Cover of Mage's 20th anniversary edition. Pictured in a Tarot card, Dante as the Mage works magic with the tools of the Virtual Adept: computer, credit cards, gun and soda can (energy drink?).So for the sake of form, let’s say Mage: the Ascension. I ran a campaign for a while, until I fooled myself into believing I had too few players to make it good. Mage has always been one of my favorite games since I first discovered it through the back door of someone’s fan site — I bet it was some gem of the 90s web like Anders Mage Page — and one I found myself collecting in lieu of playing. I even went so far as to back the big anniversary edition, which is slowly slouching toward reality.

I don’t imagine receiving the Even Bigger Purple Book will magically enable me to run or play Mage any time soon — in fact, the projected size of the tome seems wildly impractical for any use that doesn’t involve it majestically perching on a lectern, ready for consultation; chains to secure it being unnecessary by virtue of its heft — but the unthinkingness with which I leapt to join the crowdfunding campaign, even after years of not playing Mage, tells me a lot about the level of esteem in which I hold this game.

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