#RPGaDay2015 22: Perfect Gaming Environment

RPG-a-day-2015We’ve seen what some people have done to construct their perfect gaming environment. They went for the immersive experience, emulating a space they might find within their games.

For me, the vision of my perfect gaming environment is a room lined with built-in shelves, holding my libraries: board games, role-playing books, fiction, and more. The classical sort of library you might find on Bookshelf Porn. Outside the windows, brilliantly colored leaves wave in the breeze, filtering golden autumn sunlight into the game room.

Overstuffed easy chairs crowd around a coffee table-high GeekChic marvel. Gorgeous wooden surface on top, for books, dice rolls and such, with a felt-covered play space beneath for when we might break out a map for a session or a board game.

That would be pretty spectacular. It’s purely a fantasy, but one I wouldn’t mind realizing some day.

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