No Soul Left Behind Advance PDF Has Dropped

No Soul Left Behind, the supervillains in high school campaign for Better Angels, has a backers-only PDF out in the ether as of yesterday afternoon. It’s five months overdue, and communication from the organizers felt way too sparse, but it’s gratifying to get something as real as a proof PDF. Some day there will be an actual book in my hands!

I want to say it’s no worse than Mage‘s slog toward print reality, but Mage was always an inevitability. It was only a question of how grotesquely over-funded and how many stretch goals, and whatever knock-on effect they would have on the delivery timeline. No Soul Left Behind was a much smaller, more intimate affair. We didn’t know if it would fund — though it was a very reasonable initial goal — and then it wasn’t clear how many of the modest quality upgrades would receive funding. And in a way, I already got No Soul Left Behind, thanks to the actual play series from Role Playing Public Radio.

Anyway, I’m glad this is moving forward. Now, in the tradition of Kickstarter backers everywhere, I can declare, “No time to read the PDF in depth, but it looks real nice!” I leave you with this selection from the book’s introduction:

The setting of Better Angels is intentionally vague, anticipating the endless ingratitude readers show towards an artist’s pure and glorious vision.

3 thoughts on “No Soul Left Behind Advance PDF Has Dropped

    • I want to say that quote is pure Caleb, the author of No Soul Left Behind. He keeps it very real when talking about the role of a game designer. 😉

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