Infernal Relics First Play Notes

Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game cover, with the core Sentinels arrayed in a shallow V.In the first evening of play with the Infernal Relics characters for Sentinels of the Multiverse, I am reinvigorated. Most of my attention went to puzzling out the Argent Adept’s music and instruments, so I mostly played in safe spaces, like Grand Warlord Voss in Silver Gulch. Minimal ongoing destruction allowed for experimentation and getting as many of the Adept’s pieces into play as possible. I haven’t figured out the full loop of his instruments yet, but I did start exploring sequences, like using the lyre to trigger Inspiring Supertonic, granting a power use to trigger Vocalize to trigger another perform text, and so on. As much as I want to figure this out on my own — and probably should pull out the cards to make it visual — I wouldn’t mind someone dropping a flow chart in my lap, either.

Gloomweaver proved manageable, as long as I spammed the Wraith’s Infrared Eyepiece, or Visionary looked ahead. Akash’bhuta got me the first time, though I’ll attribute that to a team heavy with support characters and minimal damage dealers. I did get her in the end by going with a line-up I’m much more comfortable with, plus Argent Adept. Getting to use other characters’ powers or play their cards on demand at the end of the round, to bat clean-up on any lingering worries is really useful. In the past, I’ve set the Wraith in that position, as she’s so versatile in handling various challenges. Now I can see the Argent Adept easily replacing her there in the lineup.

There’s still more to explore with the Argent Adept, but I want to give an evening to Nightmist next. She seems a bit like Absolute Zero, damaging herself to gain a benefit. And I’m curious to figure out if she has any ability to control the card on top of her deck when it comes to reveal them for magic number values.

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