Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Archmage’s Attaché

the-archmages-attacheWith The Thousand Young rounding the final corner on the road to distribution, Fantasy Flight Games posted a preview of the Call of Cthulhu card designed by the 2013 North American champion, Tom Capor. Expanding the lore of The Mage Known as Magnus, who was last seen in the conspiracy The Mage’s Machinations, is The Archmage’s Attaché — apparently Magnus got a promotion from mage to archmage. Tom explains in the article the meaning of his signature piece of luggage: ” . . . the briefcase became more than just an efficient way to carry my things. It became an ice breaker, and it became my symbol. It showed that I was serious, but didn’t take myself too seriously. I mean, come on, who brings a briefcase to a card game?”

The effect of the card is pretty cool. It attaches to a deck, any deck, and the controller may exhaust the Attaché to reveal the top card of that deck until the end of the phase, which they may play, ignoring resource matching requirements. Right off the bat, this gives you extra potential to play cards of your own, if you’re short on additional draw effects, and can even help with cards from splashed factions, since it ignores resource matching. You can see it also gives you the chance to feed off your opponent’s deck, if you’re feeling lucky about hitting useful cards you can afford to play.

Within The Thousand Young previews, we’ve seen a number of Location support cards with a running theme of effects that reveal the top card of the deck to various ends. It looks like each faction will get something in that vein. Silver Twilight has Garden District, Hastur has Tremé, Cthulhu has Broadmoor, and Shub-Niggurath the French Quarter. The Archmage’s Attaché is a handy new way to check what’s on top of the deck before using those reveal effects. Add in Shub-Niggurath’s new Resilient keyword and suddenly it’s much easier to get information about what’s coming up next in the draw.

Some other appealing applications of the Attaché I’ve seen mentioned include:

  • Rite of the Silver Gate‘s utility can now be maximized, whereas before it was a crap shoot whether either card would actually be discarded.
  • Peter Clover, likewise, gains more effectiveness by knowing the cost of the top card of your deck in advance.
  • Vortex of Time facilitates even more deck control. Leave the card on top if you can play it, or put it on the bottom of the deck, out of harm’s way.
  • Inside Man lets you line up a playable card on top of the deck.

What potential uses for the Archmage’s Attaché are you seeing?

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