Call of Cthulhu LCG: New Explorer in For the Greater Good

Jeremiah Kirby, arctic archaeologist, inspects a glowing green find in the ice.The latest preview of For the Greater Good features the card designed by the 2013 Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game world champion, Jeremy Zwirn, a new Investigator and Explorer named Jeremiah Kirby. Basically, after Jeremiah enters play, you can reveal the top five cards of your deck, and then take turns with the other player putting those cards in your hand and on the bottom of the deck.

The article includes commentary from Jeremy on his thought process on designing Kirby: “I’m a fan of mini-games that involve direct interaction with your opponent, and I love highly tactical cards that require you to weigh multiple factors each time you use them. Accordingly, when Jeremiah Kirby enters play, his response triggers a ‘card draw’ ability, but your opponent influences which cards you get.”

I dig it, and look forward to including Kirby in an Explorers deck. That sub-type has gotten some real love in the last couple boxes, and it’s time to test them out.

Every preview for this set I think will be the last before it releases, but this time, Fantasy Flight let us know there’s one more, featuring the new Hunter sub-type. Sounds like the Agency’s getting the kind of shot in the arm that Explorers gave Miskatonic University.


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