Ghostbusters: The Board Game on Kickstarter

Cover of Ghostbusters: The Board Game. Four ghosts loom over the Ghostbusters, who are ready for action..This morning, a Kickstarter campaign for a Ghostbusters board game went live, led by Cryptozoic Entertainment. No one should be surprised to hear my ears pricked up immediately. Cooperative, modular design for high replayability, Ghostbusters. What else could it take to get me through the door?

Very little, as I read through the summarized pitch on Boardgamegeek. But then I loaded the campaign page and looked at the component designs. And all I could think was, “This looks suspiciously like Zombies!!!,” which is not a good starting point for my tastes. And interestingly, apparently there are many comments on the campaign page and elsewhere that, based on the initial component images and description given to date, Ghostbusters: The Board Game sounds an awful lot like Zombicide, which is another cooperative board game about beating back the undead, albeit of a different psychokinetic vibration band.

There’s not much to go on about how the game plays right now, aside from demonstration participants in the Kickstarter video saying good things about it. Wherever my sense of mistrust is coming from — I have little personal experience with Cryptozoic’s board games besides one round of the DC Deck Building Game, which plays an awful lot like Ascension Deck Building Game — I feel reassured to see I’m not the only board game player looking askance.

On the other hand, Cryptozoic is more than halfway to their $250,000 goal in less than a day, so there are 900+ people who have decided this game could be for them. It could be for me, too, but I’m staying wary for now. I’d love a Ghostbusters board game, but I want it to also be a game that I love, not just something based on one of my favorite movies.

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