Decked!: Scared Yellow Streak vs. Skill-less

This week on Decked!, we have our first Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game match as the Syndicate team up with the minions of Hastur to battle . . . the minions of Hastur. It’s a quasi-mirror match as Ray tries out his new cards and I try out one of Ray’s very first deck designs. And I get to see Henry Knoll in action for the first time. That guy with the Guzheng is brutal.

You can check out the mono Hastur deck “Scared Yellow Streak” deck list here.

This episode also marks another experiment, the recording of which actually preceded last week’s spontaneous live play trial. Right now, Ray and I are the only local Cthulhu players who can get together with any predictability, so it’s not really feasible to use the full three camera studio when recording a match. Plus, it lets me cheat and play for the camera without really being on camera. It pays to be the producer. 😀

And there’s something to be said for how much simpler a one camera recording of a game is, compared to all the rigamarole I go through in the studio. And to be sure, I deliberately choose to include a fair bit of the rigamarole, like backdrop lighting and a secondary recording to aid editing, because I want to up the production value and show what’s possible.

Additionally, making the editing easier allows for other experimenting with other post-production elements, like adding commentary after the fact. Ray and I unthinkingly weeded pretty far off the game itself while we played, so hopefully a commentary is more interesting than that. And if you’d rather just see the game played and don’t care for any table talk, the volume control is right there in the corner.


2 thoughts on “Decked!: Scared Yellow Streak vs. Skill-less

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