Call of Cthulhu LCG: Scared Yellow Streak

Scared Yellow Streak

Total Cards: (50)

Character: (22)
2x Aspiring Artist (Ancient Horrors)
1x Atlach-Nacha (Ancient Horrors)
2x Bloated Leng Spider (Initiations of the Favored)
1x Crazed Arsonist (Whispers in the Dark)
3x Erich Zann (The Spawn of the Sleeper)
2x Hastur (The Spoken Covenant)
3x Keeper of Dreams (Journey to Unknown Kadath)
1x Messenger from Hali (Secrets of Arkham)
1x N’yog-Sothep (Seekers of Knowledge)
1x Poltergeist (Secrets of Arkham)
1x The Night (In the Dread of Night)
1x The Thing Behind You (The Path to Y’ha-nthlei)
2x Those Without Faces (The Spawn of the Sleeper)
1x Victoria Glasser (Core Set)

Support: (11)
3x San Servolo (Terror in Venice)
3x Terrors in the Dark (Secrets of Arkham)
3x The Enchanted Wood (In Memory of Day)
2x The Seventy Steps (In Memory of Day)

Event: (14)
3x At Night they Roam (Terror in Venice)
3x Come With Us (Initiations of the Favored)
2x Hali’s Directive (Denizens of the Underworld)
3x Infected by Madness (Secrets of Arkham)
3x Sweet Dreams… (Twilight Horror)

Conspiracy: (3)
2x In the Court of the Dragon (Touched by the Abyss)
1x The Hidden Conspiracy (Conspiracies of Chaos)

Deck Created with Call of Cthulhu Deckbuilder

Call of Cthulhu The Card Game box art, circa 2014.As a companion to this week’s episode of Decked!, here’s the mono Hastur deck Ray designed, and which I played a variant of. At the time it was built, the available cards didn’t include the “rare” Dreamlands cards like Keeper of Dreams, so he subbed in Victoria’s Protege, among others. Please bear in mind this is one of Ray’s first two Call of Cthulhu decks he ever built, so it’s presented primarily as an example of a starting point in deck design. As you can see in the Decked! video, Ray’s designing new decks with new tricks, like Henry Knoll outsmarting everybody under the sun, monstrous or not.

In playing the deck, I was most interested to experiment with The Thing Behind You as a bouncing mechanism for characters with enters-play effects, like Victoria Glasser. I only got to do it once, but getting to retrigger an effect like that and put out a beefier character in one action is pretty appealing.

If I were to take inspiration from this deck, I think I’d want to focus more on the enter-play effects, taking advantage of Bloated Leng Spider and Victoria Glasser, as well as adding in some more take-control effects, and shifting from cards that mill the top of the opponent’s deck to reducing their options in hand more aggressively.

2 thoughts on “Call of Cthulhu LCG: Scared Yellow Streak

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