Cthulhu LCG: Conspiracies of the Agency

For the Greater Good cover art: a blond man with a shotgun fends off an unseen creature in an alleyway.There’s a new preview of For the Greater Good, the Agency faction expansion for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game up on Fantasy Flight’s website now. As teased previously, the Agency has been developing tricks with domains and resources. General Edward Irving can be paid for with multiple domains — a development I wish could be applied in retrospect to many characters who seem not to make the cut of most decks because they’re too costly and not quite as good as another option of equal cost — like The Foundation, a high cost character in this new set that was revealed previously.

Interesting, the Agency is also going deep into conspiracies. This new update features four, and they all do something interesting and non-standard. The Anderson Building requires the player who succeeds at a story to trigger the card’s text. Given the frequency with which I see people opt not to use story card text because it wouldn’t shift the game balance the way they prefer, being forced to trigger effects like Village of Ash every time they succeed at the skill check.

That said, I’m looking a little askance at the prospect of at least Agency conspiracies in this box. How often does someone include more than one conspiracy in their deck? That’s a lot of slots in the Agency’s faction box to give over to cards that aren’t the kind of “wow!” characters other factions have received to date. Maybe I’m just not getting it yet. There’s only character to do with conspiracies revealed so far, Intelligence Agent, who can put a conspiracy back in its owner’s hand, which is novel. Maybe there are more conspiracy monkeyshines to come, letting players bounce them in and out of play fast enough to achieve some cool stuff with the passive, “while in play” effects they create.

I am, of course, watching the discussion over at CardgameDB.com to get the experienced players’ perspective on how to put the Agency’s new cards to work.

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