LibraryBox Followup

LibraryBox logo.During A Fistful of Carnage, I set up a LibraryBox loaded with free-to-distribute RPG materials. It’s a wireless router loaded with customized firmware that acts a document repository accessible independently of your typical free wifi. Internet access got murky last year at Carnage, so I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone took advantage of another source of information, or found a collection of free RPG stuff interesting. LibraryBox counts the number of times any given file is accessed, so I have a rudimentary idea of what visitors found of interest.

The top hit was a Fiasco playset, Bookhounds, though I think that was because it turned out to be corrupt and people tried repeatedly to access it. After that was the public domain film His Girl Friday, which I think mostly came from neighbors at home when I was testing the set up. Third was the Book of Forbidden Lore, a fan work bringing monsters into Pathfinder, followed by the Open d6 system book, then Sapphire, by Vermont’s own Hunter Green.

Those are the high points, but the numbers indicate that there weren’t many total users. A large number of files were accessed once, which I presume is one user making a clean sweep of everything vaguely interesting. After that, out of 59 possible files, about a third were downloaded two or more times — and of that third, seven were accessed more than twice.

For a real sense of whether this was utilized, I’d have to set the LibraryBox up again next year. That’s no trouble at all, since the only thing that will have changed is adding more free material to the collection. The most labor-intensive part of the set up was putting up flyers around the convention space to alert convention-goers there was a LibraryBox available, and just what that is. I have a year to think about it.

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