Call of Cthulhu LCG: The Misplaced Danger to All Mankind

Last night, playing Call of Cthulhu, I had what I thought was the most fun dumb luck play of the night in a mirror match of mono Cthulhu versus mono Cthulhu. I had four success tokens on a story. In play, I had Unaussprelichen Kulten. In hand, I had two Eldritch Nexii and a Sleeper Below Cthulhu. I needed to gin up some extra bodies on the table, but I’d already used Unaussprelichen Kulten to peek at the top of my deck and I knew there wasn’t a cultist there to play.

So I decided to try something wacky: play Eldritch Nexus to remove the non-cultist card of the deck. I put Eldritch Nexus down as the new domain — note: this was incorrect, as I found out later and elaborate below — and added the top card of the deck as a resource to the new domain. The next peek with the “Sussex Manuscript” revealed Aziz Chatuluka!

One domain pays for Aziz to hop into play, just long enough to accidentally summon up and be devoured by Cthulhu himself, whose mighty skill 10 wins the final success token on the story. So that was a pretty lucky, cool play, I thought.

Unfortunately, doing that was wrong. When you play Eldritch Nexus, the top card of the deck becomes the domain card, and then the next card becomes the resource. So Aziz ought to have been resourced, rather than been the new top card of the deck. What the next card of the deck might have been, we’ll never know, as the game ended after that, but I’m pretty sure it was not another Aziz.

Apologies to my fellow player. I’ll remember that for next time!


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